The client is a CRO company servicing the pharmaceutical industry. The company looks to add an electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessment product to their offerings.

The opportunity for the client to add more value to their business

The client is looking to expand their service offering by add an eCOA product and service. This added 33% more value to their companies since this would be an additional service line to their existing 2 products and services.

Having eCOA as part their offerings allow them to be a more full-service provider for their customers based on the direction of the industry.

Why Phamiliar Technologies was chosen

With the prior results that our team had delivered on different projects with the same client, it was natural that the leadership team had requested to have our support for this crucial project. We are known to be high performing and cost-effective.

The client was under a time crunch and needed to deliver a working demo of the platform in a very short time for their upcoming conference. The customers had expressed that they were looking for a full-service organization for their projects and it was crucial that the customer provided this service.

How Phamiliar Technologies Responded

Within 8 weeks of the kickoff of the project, the VP of Business Development group had in hand a device with the working prototype of the new eCOA platform to demo to their core clients at an industry conference. Within 6 months, the platform was promoted to production and servicing multi-million-dollar contracts.  Phamiliar Technologies continues to add the appropriate resources to support this project, but the client team was incredible in this partnership.

The Results

The client was able to add huge value to their company valuation after adding eCOA to their product and service offerings and sold the company to their biggest competitor at a very high price.

The endorsement

Thuan Pham draws on an unparalleled combination of technical skills, business insight and passionate leadership to build platform technologies and products that customers love.  He and his team represent some of the best people I have ever worked with.” 

Alex Z. Co-founder & CEO of a Medical Device Company

Let’s work together

If your company needs an experienced software development team with clinical trials and pharmaceutical software experience, Phamiliar Technologies can help with confidence.

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